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( Mar. 14th, 2008 01:46 am)
I finally taped down all my concert pics at the backside of my closet. Him in Berlin, 16.02.2008 at the left and the top, 30 seconds to mars in Berlin, 05.06.2007 at the right, HIM in Leipzig, 20.02.2008 at the bottom and Apocalyptica in Leipzig, 01.11.2007 in the middle. Now I have no idea where to put photos from future concerts, but I hope I have an idea when it's time.

my closet

And I swear it's pure coincidence that the half-naked guys from Apocalyptica are in the middle. Really... And I'm curious how [info]miffmiff will react when she comes back... *whistles*

However, tomorrow I go to Berlin and meet some old friends from my rpg. I play a Bajoran, living in Finland and serving as chief engineer on a starship. It's been a while since I played this role and I have no idea what we have to do during the weekend...

Besides I've seen "Die Welle" (the wave) today... hell, Germans shouldn't produce films. The story is quite interesting, but has been told in such a strange way that the whole film is near to torture. baaaaaah... I feel sorry for all students who will be forced into this film by their teacher.


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