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( Mar. 27th, 2008 08:20 pm)
A friend of mine used to post her 30stm fanfic on, but the admins decided not to allow English fanfiction. Now she will post her story here on Livejournal and because I think the story is really well written I will tell everbody who listens :-)

you can find the first chapter here


Jared seems lost. But it is something he can fix easily. That's what he thinks. But soon the band has to realize: it goes beyond. Beyond everything, that has ever happened before. What is going on behind those bright blue eyes? What has happened to the singer? Shannon is worried, so are Tomo and Tim. But the nightmares haunting Jared get worse, and there is nothing they can do, nothing they can say. They can only watch Jared break.

If you're interested read and comment :-) Roni will appreciate ;-) More chapters follow soon ;-)


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