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( May. 24th, 2008 11:55 pm)
Because [profile] lindtti gave me the best picspam since a long time I'm once again totally in love with the beautiful Burton *hehe*
And because she gave me so awesome pics I played with photoshop and created two wallpaper...

I made this one some time ago, it's my new desktop background :-D In my opinion Burton has the most beautiful hands I've ever seen...

Well, I just wanted to use these nice brushes again :-D

thank you so much for making my day so much better, [profile] lindtti :-D

btw... I'm watching the Eurovision Songcontest right now (yes, I'm bored) and Germany totally sucks. Third last place with 14 points... Just Poland and the UK are worse - but have 14 points, too. However, I'm glad that Germany sucked because I don't like the No Angels. They couldn't sing when they had been casted and they can't sing now. I still hope that Finland gets some points *keeps the fingers crossed*


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