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([personal profile] aleya Jun. 9th, 2008 10:58 pm)
I created a new sig for the

I tried the same with Jared... The result is some kind of creepy O.o

I think I'll try something else... The eyes frighten me... I can't believe they are brothers..
named fish:

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Weeeeeeell...... This really is creepy... o_Ô Did you manipulate the eyes or did they accidentally become that way? 'Cause Jared looks kind of undead - reminds me of our dear Hubert. ;D *prays* May he rest in peace. *snicker*

From: [identity profile]

the eyes are the only thing I didn't manipulate... They are really that bright. I know why I like his brother more... and Hubert-Jared *muahahahahaha*

From: [identity profile]

Yeah, Shannon's eyes are way more... comforting. XD But still, Jared's got the better body of the two of them. *points to Aleya's wallpaper* ;P

From: [identity profile]

uuuh you haven't seen Shannon's body ;-) much hotter than Jared's thin frame *muahaha*

From: (Anonymous)

I just can't believe, that you really didn't manipulate the eyes at all!
*uuuaaahhh*.... -.-
(I usually like Jareds eyes, but this...I think I'm getting nightmares...^^)
well, about that body-thing: it is in fact a question of taste....but let's just say that shannons body looks more...uhm...masculine ^^

lg, blubb :)

From: [identity profile]

loooool masculine is a nice paraphrase vor Shan's body *muahahaha*

And I start to like the Jared sig. creepy but fascinating...
and thanks for the comment...


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