I don't have the time to write a detailed review so I will just post the pics. Enjoy watching.

The Blackout

The Used


HIM !!!

Linkin Park

my photobucketalbum
, because I have no idea why the pics look so blurry at LJ... Feel free to take whatever you want but be so kind to give credit, please.
named fish:

From: [identity profile] gonewiththecin.livejournal.com

hey these are great...how lucky you are to have been at that concert...

thanx for posting! ; D

From: (Anonymous)

wow that looks like you had a fab time!!! thanx for posting the pics

From: [identity profile] mamucium.livejournal.com

There are some excellent photos here, thank you for posting them. I've taken three to put in the Valo Daily gallery, and will credit you as the owner.


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