Would you be so kind to stop contacting me about the 30 Mio $?
No, I don't have an opinion about that.
No, I don't care that I'm not a true Echelon to you.
No, I don't want to give money to any dubious fond.

And yes, this is who I really am.

further information: here

The band will go through this in their own way and I don't see the need to say something about it.

And btw... Does anyone except me see the ambiguity in the words "fuck virgin"???
named fish:

From: (Anonymous)

I would like to sign this... -.-

I'm whether part of the echelon, or member on myspace or anything else, so I don't get those stuff you talked about. But even to read about it is annoying -.-

*lol*, no, if you haven't said it I really would not have seen this ambiguity.
Very funny ^^

lg, blubb :)

From: [identity profile] eisflackern.livejournal.com

my ICQ is in my profile and I'm a member of some 30stm related groups here on LJ.So they probably think I'm an Echelon, too and so seven Echelon contacted me. But it stopped now :-) I do have a myspace account but I don't use it. But there seems to be terror, too.



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