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( Aug. 13th, 2008 11:44 pm)
I didn't post for some time because I had to learn for my exams. I passed all my exams and now I enjoy the free time till september.

However, I made a rocailles snake for a friend and I have to say - I'm quite proud of it.

And I bought Spellforce and the add-ons today for five (!!!) euros. Some months ago I'd have to pay more than 20 euros.
So I'm away, playing Spellforce with my warrior Eisengel.

btw... I hate paintball. I'm full of bruises which are hurting like hell -.-
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( May. 30th, 2008 01:04 pm)
Because I don't want to prepare this stupid English presentation for tuesday I make a new rocailles animal. A blue phoenix - and yes I know that this beautiful bird usually isn't blue. However, I like it :-)

the ice phoenix

Because my camera just makes blurry pics I made a little video instead. I hope you can see it :-D

to make the day a bit better...

I just love this pic...

named fish:

My new aim for the life. And then I'll make him to say "I'm surrounded by idiots" all time *muahahaahahaha*

Ich bin nicht depressiv, ich hab nur öfter das Bedürfnis, 90% meiner Umgebung nen paar zu scheuern. for Nubri ;-)

And whoever wants to flame me now... feel free to do so. I'll be back around 7 pm tomorrow and I'll be pissed off by English as every Tuesday. So I have the right mood to react ;-)
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