It's snowing more or less since a week or so and I'm starting to hate it. Really. I mean, it's march! :-( But that doesn't seem to bother the gods of weather. Today I had to travel to the next town by bike. As always it started to snow when  I left home and stopped when I went into the bus. And 4 km are more than enough to get totally wet *baaaaah* But just two more days and I'm back at home in Leipzig *looking forward to this day*

And because I'm a little bit frustrated I do a little mixed HIM-30stm picspam now.

And because I'm in the need of some humour...

And I don't know how to translate the pun into English, but I think it's really funny in German...

And yes I have a strange sense of humour *whistles*

btw... [profile] miffmiff, what are you thinking about some window colour pics for the kitchen? I hate these strange things which are floating down the wall after cooking...
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